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Quadrantectomy: A form of breast conservation surgery(see entry) where the resections amounts to a quadrant of the breast, hence the term. It is often synonymous with segmental mastectomy.  Indications for quadrantectomy include the intention to achieve wider clear surgical margins, or with a biggger tumour,  to achieve compete excision on the principles of breast conservation surgery. The larger amount of breast tissue resected may affect symmetry and breast form. This however is influenced by the size of the breast, and the position of the tumour within the breast. A quadrantectomy involving the medial pole for example, is more likely to affect the cosmetic result compared to a tumour in the upper outer quadrant. Following quadrantectomy, adjuvant therapy along the lines of breast conservation surgery are usually indicated. Smaller areas of DCIS (see entry) and small well differentiated tumours (see invasive breast cancer) may be treated without adjuvant radiotherapy if the surgical margins are very wide following quadrantectomy. A surgical corrective procedure to achieve symmetry of the affected or other breast may be performed at the same time or as a delayed procedure. A variety of techniques are available for this purpose.

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