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Tamoxifen: See endocrine therapy entry. A drug that is very effective as adjuvant therapy (see entry) as well as in the treatment of advanced breast cancer. It acts by partially blocking oestrogen function. Tamoxifen is associated with side effects of flushing, sweating and weight gain. It can cause the lining of the uterus to undergo benign thickening. Very rarely, tamoxifen may induce endometrial (womb) cancer. Other side effects such as spontaneous vein clothing and eye visual disturbances are also very rare. 

Triple assessment: evaluation of a breast lump by clinical assessment, radiological examination (mammography and/or ultrasound) and pathology (cytology and/or histology).

Tubular breast cancer: a form of breast cancer, which is well differentiated and therefore of low grade, associated with good prognosis.

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